V I V - Tear Dance

Tear Dance

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The music of v i v (they/them) is a shuttle for your mind to a state of complete zen. And Tear Dance is about a personal self-acceptance. A cinematic lofi journey. "This album is the truest form of my music. It's a piece of my heart and soul; it's my truth. The songs depict my life-long struggles with anxiety, depression, and insecurities when I was younger, dreaming to become a musician but not having the confidence and belief that I was good enough, and then finally learning to be grateful for them and see those memories and feelings as indispensable parts of my life; They make me who I am today. I wanted to pour all those emotions and feelings into this album. I want to show that you can turn pain and sadness into something beautiful. After all, isn't that what life is all about? This is why, most of the songs have a hint of melancholy to them, but are disguised by beautiful, elegant sounds, melodies, and arrangement." - v i v


V I V - Tear Dance
V I V - Tear Dance

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