D.C. Larue - Disco Lives

D.C. Larue
Three timeless tracks from the esteemed D.C. Larue back catalog, get brand new remixes from three equally exciting producers to give a modern spin to these '70s classics. LaRue joined the music industry by recording two top 40 pop records influenced by the teen-idol era. In his early adulthood, he began writing songs about the fast-growing club and bar subculture he frequented where the most outcast of society's young and marginalized could safely congregate after being ostracized in work, church, school, and often family. In this relatively brief selection of LaRue classics, contemporary remixes paradoxically bring out the timelessness of his songs, in tone, message and musicality. First up, 'Do You Want the Real Thing' gets a fresh update from re-edit royalty Opolopo in the style of the lush yet sharp Motown and Philadelphia production pieces that inspired the arrangement originally, still resonates as a nightly inner dialogue or negotiation, another of LaRue's literary signatures. 'Let Them Dance', greeted in it's time as a one of the breakthrough moments of new music technology, is reinterpreted by Dr Packer mainly with it's live acoustic tracks. It also retains the bright, rhythmic synthesizer hooks with results that are still true to his intentionally oblique lyric, which was a novelistic portrayal of the drug dealers, the LGBTQ+ underground community, and the powerful upper class elite that made up the multi-racial, socially integrated crowds on the dance floors at the height of disco. Last up, 'Indiscreet' from LaRue's 1976 concept album, 'The Tea Dance,' tells much of the story about how disco had already birthed it's own far more popular and influential successor form, Hip-Hop, by the time it was declared dead by the superannuated establishments of the radio, media, and record businesses. Released in a highly limited, personally inscribed 12-inch 45 rpm edition for a select list of top disco DJs, it's complex, elastic polyrhythm made it as irresistible to younger black DJs and breakdancing teens as any of the year's other big street breakouts. Only Good Vibes Music head honchos, and Scotland's finest, The Knutsens give it the magic touch for the modern dancefloor. Tracklisting: A1. Do You Want The Real Thing (Opolopo Remix) B1. Let Them Dance (Dr Packer Remix) B2. Indiscreet (The Knutsens Remix)