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About Us

Every modern-day crate digger thrives on the tactile joy of flipping through vinyl records, studying album credits, and unearthing hidden gems. 

Vinyl.com replicates this sensory experience, offering a digital "crate-digging" adventure that enhances your online record shopping journey, making each discovery a vinyl victory.

Each vinyl record page features a detailed list of everyone who contributed to the album. Liner notes bought to life! A simple click on any creator's profile lets you explore all other albums in our store where they've been credited. Immerse yourself in the thrill of musical exploration, amplified by the excitement of unboxing a brand-new physical album to spin on your turntable.

If you collect albums by your favorite artists, you can also expand your collection with every record they've been featured or credited on. Elevate your superfandom to unprecedented heights with Vinyl.com

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Vinyl.com is a chart accredited record store, and currently reports physical album sales to Billboard and the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA).

Over time, we will expand our offer to include music merchandise, digital collectibles and experiences that connect fans with creators.

Launched in mid-2023 by the world's only Official Music Credits database, Jaxsta, to compliment our love of music and the people who make it.