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Tame Impala Starter Pack

Tame Impala Starter Pack


Dive into the psychedelic wonderland with the Tame Impala vinyl bundle collection, featuring the sonic masterpieces of 'Currents', the mesmerizing journey of 'The Slow Rush" and the groovy sonics of 'Innerspeaker'. Hits like "The Less I Know the Better", "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards", and "Elephant" catapulted them into the forefront of the indie scene and firmly into our hearts. So grab your kaleidoscope, tune in to the cosmic frequencies, and let Tame Impala's tunes take you on a trip through time and space – because with them, every note is a gateway to another dimension.

  1. UPC: 602547306777 - Currents [2LP]
  2. UPC: 602577579561 - The Slow Rush [2LP]
  3. UPC: 879198005728 - Innerspeaker [2LP]


Tame Impala Starter Pack
Tame Impala Starter Pack

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