Thibault Cauvin - Bach


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Thibault Cauvin unveils his singular reinterpretations of timeless works by BACH on February 3rd. "Recording Bach's music... Perhaps the greatest and most beautiful adventure for a performer, immersing himself in his timeless and eternal notes is deeply moving. I remember working on this record for months, losing track of time every morning as I immersed myself in these scores, which looked like maps of the world. The final journey is undoubtedly this legendary Chaconne, which has been driving men mad for centuries who play it and the dreamers who listen to it. Like an adventurer setting off to discover new territories, when the first chord of this ocean strikes, one has the sensation of leaving the quay, for a miraculous epic. This Bach music may be learned, cerebral, impressive, but it is also obvious and universal. And the childhood wisdom that I wanted to rediscover by recording this album in these lands of the Dordogne where I went on holiday as a child; rediscover this joy, this light, the sweet serenity. There, in a wonderful little church with an enchanting sound, I recorded Bach's notes, day and night, and I give them to you here, like a map that leads to a treasure. " Thibault Cauvin Widely acclaimed for his passion and creativity, he has won countless awards and, by the age of 20, has earned a total of 36 honors (including 13 first prizes) - more than any other guitarist For more than 15 years he has toured extensively and played in the world's most prestigious venues 120 countries, 1000 solo concerts with this one of a kind guitar that rocked New York's Carnegie Hall, Moscow's Tchaikovsky Hall, the Shanghai Concert Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, etc... His universal playing and graceful personality charmed and united all audiences.


Thibault Cauvin - Bach
Thibault Cauvin - Bach

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