Tahiti 80 - Here With You

Here With You

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Vinyl LP pressing. Here With You, the 9th album of Tahiti 80 speaks of this hypnagogic state, between awakening and sleep, where one drifts by abandoning oneself to the mysterious forces of inspiration. Produced remotely due to the health crisis, Here With You was built, like the spirit of the raves of the late 80s, by following a guiding idea: that of communion through sound. For more than 20 years, the spectrum uniting the members of Tahiti 80 has ranged from the British Invasion of the mid-sixties to the soft rock of the early eighties, from sunshine pop to the Canterbury school, from bubble rock to disco Balearic, from ABBA to Can via 10cc. It was on the benches of the university of Rouen that the group was formed in the mid-90s. The past decade has seen the barriers come down between the mainstream and the underground, between dance music and indie rock, thanks in particular to the scene of Madchester, and Tahiti 80 will plunge into the depths of history in order to forge it's own identity. With it's first album, Puzzle in 1999, the group immediately found it's marks abroad. His success in the United States and Japan will be constant and the albums that will follow (Wallpaper for the Soul in 2002, Fosbury in 2005, Activity Center in 2008, The Past, The Present & The Possible in 2011, Ballroom in 2014, The Sunsh!ne Beat vol.1 in 2018, Fear of an Acoustic Planet in 2019) will refine, in their variations, a sound and a style. That of a group whose base is songwriting, that of musicians who ignite the past to better define the present, that of siblings who constantly broaden their palette to enrich their future.


Tahiti 80 - Here With You
Tahiti 80 - Here With You

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