Lightning Love - Blonde Album (Pink & Blue Splatter)

Blonde Album (Pink & Blue Splatter)

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"Criminally catchy and meticulously arranged" -Fred Thomas, AllMusic "A perfect 27 minutes of pop with evergreen lyrics addressing the all-too-relatable regrets of shortsighted recklessness in love and in life, combined with the profound endearment of hearing a vocalist whose intonation already makes her sound so effortlessly earnest in her vulnerability finding pristinely eloquent couplets to express that specific state of desperation that rides along the very thin line between a revelatory breakthrough or a total breakdown. But you never get weighed down by all the utterly poignant heartache because the propulsive drums, with dynamics down to a tee, switch superbly between soft brushes to eruptive stampedes, all while perfectly complimenting the pound of the piano; our accompanying guitar, meanwhile, bends it's way into melodic phrases that are so bewitchingly catchy that you don't know whether to grin or cry." -Jeff Milo, Ideas Adrift Lost in Ohio is reissuing the 2012 indie pop classic, on limited-edition pink & blue splatter vinyl. It is expanded to include track from the "Girls Who Look Like Me" EP. "Blonde Album" was mastered for vinyl by Christopher Colbert (Richard Swift, Pedro the Lion), with lacquers cut by Lex van Coeverden in the Netherlands. Lightning Love released "Blonde Album" in August 2012 after years of constant touring in support of their acclaimed debut. While largely following in the path of November Birthday's thematically dark lyrics and bright indie pop melodies, "Blonde Album" shows a refinement in delivery that sets it apart from the debut. With the release of the album came new levels of excitement about the band, including coverage on MTV Hive, NPR's World Café, Vice and a performance for Daytrotter Sessions. Lightning Love toured with Jamaican Queens in support of the album, and played showcases at CMJ and MPMF. Additionally, standout tracks "Bobby Thompson" and "I Know" received heavy rotations on college radio.


Lightning Love - Blonde Album (Pink & Blue Splatter)
Lightning Love - Blonde Album (Pink & Blue Splatter)

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