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Brandtson - Hello Control

Hello Control

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Vinyl LP pressing. Limited edition reissue of the final Brandtson album, Hello, Control. Features previously unreleased alternate mixes from album producer Ed Rose and marks the first time the 2006 album will be available on vinyl. Presented with all new artwork. A pivotal release and the closing chapter on over a decade of making music for the Cleveland quartet. The first album with longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boose joining on bass, and the fifth release with producer Ed Rose. From the dusty lull of album opener "A Thousand Years", a new Brandtson begins to emerge. Putting a ready-for-the-floor sneer to the road-worn hallmarks of their back catalog and taking a decided step into pop territory on singles, Nobody Dances Anymore and Earthquakes and Sharks. The alternate Ed Rose mixes were curated from the band's archives and have been previously unreleased in any format.


Brandtson - Hello Control
Brandtson - Hello Control

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