Various Artists

One Family. One Flag

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This label started out-of-the-gate with an amazing six-picture disc 7" box set, and amongst a backdrop of fantastic LP's and singles, we've since released two amazing anthology box sets, lots of shaped records and tons of other really creative projects. Pirates Press manufactures millions of records for other labels and bands each year. That is how we generate the money to live, and to invest back into Pirates Press Records - so we have seen a lot of incredible vinyl, and know what it takes to make our releases stand out in the crowd. Like this fantastic package you're holding in your hands, we will continue to do our best to bring you the highest quality, most innovative and creative releases that we can. When it all comes down to it though, it's all about the music. Without the bands, and the tunes that fill our days with such energy and fun, the packaging is empty. We are incredibly proud to have released (and re-released) so many unbelievable records, that when it came to doing something special for PIR200, it was clear that we wanted to focus on the songs. Limiting ourselves to one song per band was incredibly difficult, but nonetheless, these are some of the songs that we love most. Individually, they hold special memories for lots of the Pirates. As a playlist, it truly encapsulates our goal as a label and celebrates our accomplishments. On behalf of all the Pirates - two hundred "thank yous" to all the bands, fans and our families for the love, support, loyalty and trust that you put in us. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we have enjoyed creating it! We are indeed all a family under one flag! VIVA PIRATES!


Various Artists - One Family. One Flag

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