Tyler, The Creator - IGOR


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Immerse yourself in the innovative soundscape of Tyler, The Creator's "IGOR," available on vinyl. Released in 2019, this groundbreaking album marked a significant evolution in Tyler's artistic journey, blending elements of funk, rap, and R&B into a cohesive narrative of love and heartbreak. "IGOR" earned critical acclaim and a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, showcasing Tyler's prowess as a producer and his unique approach to music creation, with all songs produced by Tyler himself.

The "IGOR" vinyl is not just a musical album; it's an auditory experience that invites listeners into Tyler's eclectic and vivid world. This release features hit singles like "Earfquake" and "I Think," which exemplify Tyler's signature blend of melodic choruses and innovative production. Owning this vinyl allows fans to appreciate the rich, detailed layers of sound that Tyler meticulously crafted, making it a must-have for collectors and aficionados of forward-thinking music.


Tyler, The Creator - IGOR
Tyler, The Creator - IGOR

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