Trawler Bycatch - Schlepem


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Trawler Bycatch hail from Portland Oregon, where they stand out from the crowded musical scene by infusing influences that range from 70's rock, north Indian music, Captain Beefheart, Italian progressive music and variety of styles from around the world. Zach Dellorto Blackwell steps away from his bass role in Danava to sing and play guitar, Zac Nelson (Hexlove, Chll Pll) plays drums and sings, and Rus Archer (SubArachnoid Space, Zonder) puts away the guitar and plays fretless bass and sings. Trawler Bycatch are the amalgamation of a greasy trebled out blues guitar, slippery Magma style bass lines, and a fusion of punk and African rhythms on the drums. Think This Heat meets Stravinsky performing on a giant mushroom under a full moon. Very strange indeed.


Trawler Bycatch - Schlepem
Trawler Bycatch - Schlepem

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