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Tomberlin - I Dont Know Who Needs To Hear This...

I Dont Know Who Needs To Hear This...

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Vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. 2022 release. Tomberlin is Sarah Beth Tomberlin, a pastor's kid born in Florida, raised in rural Illinois. She wrote the majority of her debut, At Weddings (2018), while living at home. For a while after leaving home and church, she lived in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked a day job and kept writing songs. She posted some of these songs to Bandcamp, which led to her signing a record deal with Saddle Creek. It all happened fast: Less than a year after her first live show, she performed on Jimmy Kimmel and she ended up moving to L.A. which is where she wrote Projections (2020), her EP followup to At Weddings. During the pandemic, Sarah Beth was all over the place, physically and mentally. Louisville. Los Angeles. Back home in Illinois for a bit. Brooklyn, where she's now settled, she says. Brooklyn is also where her new album i don't know who needs to hear this... was recorded, at Figure 8 studios over the course of two weeks, with producer and engineer Phil Weinrobe (who played a variety of instruments on the collection), and later mastered by Josh Bonati, also in Brooklyn.


Tomberlin - I Dont Know Who Needs To Hear This...
Tomberlin - I Dont Know Who Needs To Hear This...

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