Thron - Dust - Clear Red

Dust - Clear Red

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Formed in 2015 as a project of experienced, devoted musicians from German bands in the Black Forest region, THRON's initial goals were to play authentic black/death in the spirit of the early to mid '90s. Although born in  Germany, THRON could originate from a Nordic country though : heavily influenced by bands like Dissection, Unanimated, Possessed and Mercyful Fate   among others, adding traditional heavy metal flavour a la Judas  Priest, the band create a blazing symbiosis of icy melodies, harshness and a haunting atmosphere. THRON released their self titled debut album in 2017; The following year saw the release of the much critically acclaimed 'Abysmal', and the stunning third album 'Pilgrim', it's   roaring response vigorously spread the name across the globe thanks to their  diabolical twin guitar black/death metal attacks. Metal Hammer (UK) enthusiastically reviewed : 'Enhanced Swedish 90's black/death revivalists hit the nail on the head with this one !'. The band delves even further in the musical territory they 've been treading on and reinforce all foundations on 'Dust', with more emphasis on slashing wicked blackened death metal melodies solidifyed by catchy heavy metal original vibes with great balance to spellbinding result The band comments further :"With 'Dust', Thron incorporate new elements in their sound by going back to their very roots which lie in the early 80s when bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate ruled the field, and at the same time taking inspiration from the 90s when bands like Tiamat, Edge of Sanity or Sentenced expanded their horizon. This combined with serious dedication to the glorious Progressive Rock dinosaurs of the 70s and the love for the dark extreme muscial arts with blasting fury and agressive vocals, and you get... Dust!. Everything ist turning to dust someday... ". FOR FANS OF : DISSECTION, EMPEROR, UNANIMATED, MERCYFUL FATE, POSSESSED


Thron - Dust - Clear Red
Thron - Dust - Clear Red

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