Speed Dealer Moms - SDM-LA8-441-114-211


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Speed Dealer Moms is a collaborative electronic music project with a fluid line-up commonly made up of Aaron Funk, RHCP's John Frusciante and Chris McDonald. A decade after releasing their debut EP through Planet Mu's Timesig imprint, they make their long-awaited return with a SDM-LA8-441-114-211. This 3-track EP offers a glimpse into the treasure trove of the trio's unreleased material, with each song title alluding to the date in which it was recorded and in how many takes. Although a lot has changed since first sharing their intricate creations with the world in 2010, Speed Dealer Moms get together whenever schedules and circumstances allow, picking up wherever they last left off creatively and adding to their growing archive of recordings.


Speed Dealer Moms - SDM-LA8-441-114-211
Speed Dealer Moms - SDM-LA8-441-114-211

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