Savage Grace - Sign Of The Cross

Sign Of The Cross

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Savage Grace are back with a brand-new studio album, entitled "Sign Of The Cross", and their new vocalist Gabriel Colon, who is described as a blend of the early Rob Halford and the young Ian Gillian! On their new album, Savage Grace are creating and moving into a new dimension of metal while keeping true to our authentic roots. Guitarist Christian Logue assembled the most incredible musicians from across the world to create the most devastating version of Savage Grace yet. Forty years of metal experience went into crafting each of these songs into the classics they will soon become. In addition, provocative, thought-inspiring lyrics and powerful topics weave their way through this mesmerizing collection of songs. Christian Logue comments:"This album is my masterpiece and a grand addition to my legacy of universally acclaimed classic metal recordings. Every song on this album is powerful, there is not one weak track on this record.


Savage Grace - Sign Of The Cross
Savage Grace - Sign Of The Cross

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