Low Hum - Nonfiction


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Low Hum the kaleidoscopic creation of artist Collin Desha, lives in a Lo-fi meets Hi-fi futurism: a mixture of oceanic tranquility, dreampop sensibilities, heavy fuzzed-out riffs juxtaposed alongside melodious synth and vocals with refreshing punch. Desha, the Hawaiian native who now resides in Los Angeles, has carved out an impressive niche in the indie rock world with his ability to compose soundscapes with subtle psychedelic arrangements and honeyed, haunting vocals. Nonfiction is moody and hits hard. Desha describes being influenced "by an ever-changing landscape of the unknown that no one could quite wrap their head around." Thematically, the idea of change and all it's trappings were at the forefront of the album's intentions, and though all the songs were written before the lockdown, many have taken on new meaning as the pandemic has continued.


Low Hum - Nonfiction
Low Hum - Nonfiction

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