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Limousine Beach - Limousine Beach

Limousine Beach

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Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Sweet, The Dictators, Van Halen, The Fucking Champs, Nazareth, Sheer Mag, KISS, Jaguar, and Boston, Piittsburgh PA's triple lead guitar outfit Limousine Beach combine concentrated songwriting and nimble fretwork with soaring vocal harmonies to become the world's first "sizzle rock" band. Each composition is a compact blast of expertly crafted songwriting, none of which sacrifice complexity or power for brevity. So knock off work early, crank up Limousine Beach, and if anyone asks where you are, tell 'em you're gone sizzlin'. "Based on true events, 'Stealin' Wine' is a tale of airborne liquor theft. When you have 8 hours left to kill on a transatlantic flight, an unattended booze cart is all the motive you need," says the band.


Limousine Beach - Limousine Beach
Limousine Beach - Limousine Beach

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