Lewis - Even So

Even So

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Enter Lewis... shining with imagination, innovation and verve. Experiment laden and laced with patience, Even So is filled with soaring vocals, intricate guitar play and a torrent of emotion. You'll experience a progression of remarkably good songs and unequalled melodies. Every track is saturated with an amazing sense of grandeur, the quiet and peculiar beauty of the title track being the record's pinnacle. The pleading and soulful vocals attain heights of emotion rarely heard... and it's this voice that touches you inside. A masterpiece of melancholic beauty, it gives you hope. "Lewis really come into their own on Even So, and the results are breathtaking. Combining the intricacies and complexities of Oxford's most melancholic sons, Radiohead, with crashing drum-lines, dramatic, heavy guitars and searing melodies, they pull the ten tracks offered here tightly together. Unpredictable, moving and complex, Even So is just a fantastic piece of work. Get it." - Kerrang


Lewis - Even So
Lewis - Even So

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