Kolonien - Till Skogen

Till Skogen

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Kolonien formally started just over a decade ago as a Dylan-inspired progressive folk band in the Swedish environmental movement. With music and inspirations deeply rooted in the Swedish folk tradition as well as the natural environment and progressive philosophies of the alternative-lifestyle community where they were raised, the four-member family band blends acoustic roots music with anthemic, sing-along pop. Featuring lush vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, their Nordic folk-pop sound might remind some listeners of Of Monsters and Men. The band members were raised in and around Järna, a community south of Stockholm that is known as a back-to-the-land destination for hippies, progressives and people seeking an alternative lifestyle. Much like the progressive music of the 70s, Kolonien's music is used as a carrier of both personal and ideological messages. With a strong environmental perspective, Till Skogen is a tribute to nature as a being in itself.


Kolonien - Till Skogen
Kolonien - Till Skogen

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