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Invent Animate - Everchanger


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Limited clear colored vinyl LP pressing. To describe Invent Animate's fanbase as voracious is an understatement. These passionate folks are bloodhounds for information, have magpie sights for new collectibles and if the Grinch's heart grew 10 sizes when he saw the magic of Christmas, these enthusiasts' grow by 20 when they hear a snippet of Invent Animate's ethereal metalcore. Everchanger, Invent Animate's debut album, was the springboard that would launch the band into the ambient metalcore frontrunners they are today. A pioneer album for the genre, EC influenced not only progressive metalcore, but spread it's influence into metalcore as a whole. In the years following, bands inspired by IA would begin melding technical playing with celestial programming to create a motif that has very much defined Invent Animate.


Invent Animate - Everchanger
Invent Animate - Everchanger

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