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High Power - 27 Miles Underwater

27 Miles Underwater

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Vinyl LP pressing. Theories abound regarding the seven-year cycle. Even the most casual of searches yields a wealth of discourse on the philosophy, positing the occurrence of transformation (or even full rebirth) in the seventh year. Higher Power grow into a similar space on their second full-length offering, 27 Miles Underwater. Uncovering the nexus between melodic vulnerability, metallic viciousness, and punk vitality, the Leeds, UK quintet-brothers Jimmy Wizard [vocals] and Alex Wizard [drums], Louis Hardy [guitar], Max Harper [guitar], and Ethan Wilkinson [bass]-deliver eleven anthems informed by everything from shoegaze and grunge to punk and thrash, yet defiant of era.


High Power - 27 Miles Underwater
High Power - 27 Miles Underwater

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