Heavy Hours - The Heavy Hours

The Heavy Hours

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The musicians at the heart of The Heavy Hours have been united for over a decade, first coming together in high school over a mutual love of diverse sounds spanning contemplative folk to wildly experimental post-rock. In 2018, they rechristened themselves as The Heavy Hours - inspired from a line in William Butler Yeats' Autobiographies - and began fusing their questing spirit and relentless work ethic with an emphasis on more traditional songwriting and production. Widescreen debut single, "Don't Walk Away," was co-written by Marcagi and Yorio with Auerbach and award-winning songwriter Ronnie Bowman. "A purely American blend of folk, rock and good feelings," declared American Songwriter, hailing the song for "it's unbelievably catchy lines and effortlessly organic arrangement... a perfect pairing with a late-summer sunset or an evening with friends."


Heavy Hours - The Heavy Hours
Heavy Hours - The Heavy Hours

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