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Hauschka - Different Forest

Different Forest

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Vinyl LP pressing. Sony Classical is pleased to announce A Different Forest by renowned pianist and Oscar-nominated film composer Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann), in which he does away with his customary instrumental preparations to return to the pure piano. The first single 'Curious' heralds the central themes of the album: The experience of nature as the basis for Hauschka's understanding of life and the composition of music. For him, the concept of nature is epitomized by the image of a forest. Wandering in the forest is comparable for Hauschka to his way of composing. He doesn't initially write down his music, but rather develops melodies, motives or rhythmic ideas that he tests at the piano and then records. So, a piece comes into being through the process of playing. A technique he also applied in his early works, that can attributed back to his experiences walking in nature.


Hauschka - Different Forest
Hauschka - Different Forest

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