Haruka Nakamura


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Haruka Nakamura's masterpiece debut album 'grace', originally released on LP in 2018 and sold out immediately, will be repressed this year eventually! For Fans of... Aspidistrafly, Gigi Masin, Goldmund, Helios, Janis Crunch, Kadan, Marz, Nils Frahm, Nujabes etc... Tracklist: A1 Every Day 3:15 A2 Arne 3:38 A3 Opus 3:16 A4 Ralgo 4:48 A5 Elm 2:31 A6 Luz 3:45 B1 Lang 2:34 B2 Cielo 4:47 B3 Elm/2 1:42 B4 Sign 4:16 B5 Lamp 5:34 B6 Grace 4:34 B7 Cadenza 2:29


Haruka Nakamura - Grace

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