Grandbrothers - Late Reflections

Late Reflections

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At it's core, Grandbrothers' music represents a communion between the old and the new. On their extraordinary new album Late Reflections (out April 14), the German-Swiss duo place their art in communion with an institution so old it predates their music by seven centuries: Cologne Cathedral. The iconic monument of Gothic architecture, which is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Germany's most visited landmark, served as an unorthodox recording studio for Grandbrothers' fourth album, marking the only time the Cathedral has ever permitted a recording of this kind. The resulting album pulses with a rare sense of history and architecture, allowing the spatial properties of this magnificent building to shape and deepen the timbre of the duo's swelling compositions. Grandbrothers have made a career out of spurning tradition. Formed in Du¨sseldorf, Germany, more than a decade ago, the piano duo creates richly textured music that straddles the boundaries between ambient, minimalism, and electronica. A1. Daybreak A2. Infinite A3. On Solid Ground A4. Golden Dust A5. North/South B1. Adrift B2. Yokohama Rascals B2. Bloom B4. Vertigo B5. Boy In The Storm


Grandbrothers - Late Reflections
Grandbrothers - Late Reflections

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