Flagship - The Electric Man

The Electric Man

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing, includes digital download. If you like transplendent and moving soundscapes that will take you places you've only imagined in your wildest and most beautiful dreams, then Flagship is the band for you. When this group of talented Southern boys, hailing from Charlotte, NC, gather together to innovate more of their tightly wound, ethereal diacoustics, it's a virtually effortless endeavor. Their sound is visionary and vivid, reflective of the minds and hearts behind the chords and percussion. At the helm is Drake Margolnick, whose lofty melodies and contemplative lyrics are carried to listeners by a band largely characterized by rapturous orchestral sounds. This group has a tendency to make songs with severe emotional depth. That's certainly the case with their newest offering, The Electric Man, which was produced by Joey Waronker (Atoms For Peace, Beck, Air) and is anchored by lead single "Mexican Jackpot.


Flagship - The Electric Man
Flagship - The Electric Man

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