Discreation - Iron Times

Iron Times

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With "Iron Times", Discreation release their darkest album so far. Created during the Corona pandemic and under the impression of a then impending, now ongoing war in the middle of Europe, "Iron Times" was inspired by the countless wars and turning points in history. "Iron Times" is also a turning point for the band, because with Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth) Discreation welcomed a true death metal legend to their ranks. His distinctive voice fits perfectly with the new songs. Blast attacks, tank grooves, bleak melodies and grim determination mark Discreation's own variant of German death metal."Iron Times" was produced by Alexander Krull, who gave the album an earthy yet powerful sound. The goal was to capture the band's raw live sound and add a contemporary punch. Mission accomplished! The artwork by Björn Gooßes (Killustrations) visualizes the scourge of war or the "God Of War" - as one of the anthems on "Iron Times" is called - as a gun-toting ghost. Threatening as well as artful!


Discreation - Iron Times
Discreation - Iron Times

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