Chicken Grass - Chicken Grass

Chicken Grass

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Chicken Grass are a Finnish 6-piece band with a rustic, New Orleans-inspired sound. With over two decades of passionate live shows under their belt, these professional musicians and missionaries of groove have a deep understanding of funk and soul. Sensational singer Princess Shaw from New Orleans features on two songs in this first international album of theirs. The album was recorded live in Philophon studio in Berlin with grammy awarded producer Max Weissenfeldt (Poets Of The Rhythm, Dr. John) and sound engineer/producer Stibbo Spitzmuller. "Snakebites" is indeed a magnificent feel-good funky soul tune. Responsible for the positive vibes is not only the rhythm section but the fantabolous, YouTube singing sensation Princess Shaw on vocals. "Trading Bullets" is slower but not less catchy. Call it 'swamp soul' if you want to make a New Orleans connection. All in all, the album is a perfect combination of styles and genres, old and new, hi-fi and lo-fi, but the sound is still unique Chicken Grass. The more you listen to the album, the more it grows on you. You can hear the depth of the songs and the experience of the band with each playthrough.


Chicken Grass - Chicken Grass
Chicken Grass - Chicken Grass

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