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Cahalen Morrison - Wealth Of Sorrow

Wealth Of Sorrow

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When I think of Cahalen Morrison, I immediately think of old American masters like John Hartford and Norman Blake along with younger contemporaries like Tim O'Brien. But that would be selling Cahalen Morrison, who splits his time between Scotland and the US, short. While he, indeed, brings these legendary voices and players to mind, Cahalen's take on Americana and it's Celtic roots is singular. His songs feel at once as old as the dirt that fed them, and completely fresh. Originally hailing from the high desert of Northern New Mexico, Cahalen has made a name for himself over the past decade touring solo, as a duo with Eli West, or with his band Western Centuries, Cahalen has played shows and festivals all over the world. Equally at home on guitar, banjo, mandolin, singing three part harmony or unaccompanied, he has carved out a place for himself as a unique voice in American music


Cahalen Morrison - Wealth Of Sorrow
Cahalen Morrison - Wealth Of Sorrow

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