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Black Mountain - Black Mountain

Black Mountain

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Black Mountain's debut charts territories yet unknown yet remains grounded by the roots of classic Rock 'n' Roll (Black Sabbath, the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones, "Animals"-era Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin, and Can). This full length is one part protest song, one part Pop cultural commentary, and one part sick groove Rock casserole peppered with mesmerizing ballads and intoxicating ditties. Four of the five members work as social workers in Vancouver, so their art, music, and problems of the real world aren't made distinct from one another here. They're also current or former members of the Pink Mountaintops, Blood Meridian, Jerk with a Bomb, the Black Halos, Dream on Dreary, Sinoia Caves, and Orphan. CD includes a video by Heather Trawick for "Druganaut". They'll open for Coldplay in the US this August, followed by headlining dates.


Black Mountain - Black Mountain
Black Mountain - Black Mountain

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