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Bitter Branches - Your Neighbors Are Failures

Your Neighbors Are Failures

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Bitter Branches is essentially everything one could hope for from a band fronted by living legend Tim Singer (Deadguy*, Kiss It Goodbye, No Escape) and backed by a murderer's row of underground players - guitarists Matt Ryan (Calvary) and Kevin Sommerville (Lighten Up!), bassist Brian Kantorek (Go! For The Throat, The Curse), drummer Jeff Tirabassi (Walleye). Which is to say, the vibe is something like the best, most liberated eras of Rollins Band cross-pollinated with that quickly-coming-unhinged Kiss it Goodbye attack and noisy punk drive. Unleashed is a good word. Vitriolic catharsis en route (hopefully!) positive evolution.


Bitter Branches - Your Neighbors Are Failures
Bitter Branches - Your Neighbors Are Failures

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