Baku Furukawa - far/close


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The singer / songwriter Baku Furukawa's 1st album is now on vinyl for the first time. A lot of influenced by Jazz, Classic, Pops and Brazilian music. LISTEN: https://open. Spotify. com/album/4N31z0hOfhoZwqmTfyCDP1 https://bakufurukawa. #com/ Tracklist: SIDE A 1. Green Turquoise 2. Tenmondaidori 3. Abraham 4. A Pickled Star 5. We can tango in the dark SIDE B 1. Voyage 2. Shibafu no fukushu 3. Mekishiko no yoru 4. El Viento 5. Reboant


Baku Furukawa - far/close
Baku Furukawa - far/close

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