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Atreyu - The Beautiful Dark of Life [Glow-in-the-Dark Clear]

The Beautiful Dark of Life [Glow-in-the-Dark Clear]

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The Beautiful Dark Life is the ninth studio album from Atreyu, and their most ambitious project ever. Unfurled throughout the year as a series of three EPs, culminating in a surprise album release, Atreyu are taking their audience on a journey through "the seasons of life" and the rollercoaster of human existence. With songs that speak openly and honestly about anxiety, depression, self-belief, love and identity, The Beautiful Dark Life represents Atreyu's most universal and important songwriting to date. Through the expression of deeply personal feelings and emotions, Atreyu are giving a voice to a global audience dealing with the very same issues that the band are laying bare, and who are seeking solace, empathy, escapism and empowerment through music. Glow-in-the-Dark Clear Vinyl. 


Atreyu - The Beautiful Dark of Life [Glow-in-the-Dark Clear]
Atreyu - The Beautiful Dark of Life [Glow-in-the-Dark Clear]

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