Annie Hall - Memories That Never Happened

Memories That Never Happened

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Annie Hall returns to Sheffield's Central Processing Unit label with an EP entitled 'Memories That Never Happened'. This record represents the producer's third time on CPU after 2016's Tenured Positions and 2020's Fum, and it is also the latest release in a busy couple of years for Annie Hall which have also seen her drop EPs on 20:20 Vision, Orson Records and Random Island. The momentum Annie Hall has built up in recent times carries through to a dynamic collection of productions which bring enough heft in the beats to keep the dancefloor happy while also including all manner of details in the production. 'Memories That Never Happened' begins with the title-track, a twitchy yet wistful cut which perfectly matches it's name. There's bite to the broken-beat electro pulse, growling bass and robotic declamations of 'it's Annie', but the makeup of the track is simultaneously rather rose-tinted, particularly when some chemtrails of a synth lead enter later on. The overall effect is as thoughtful as it is stimulating, akin to the halcyon productions of Daniel Avery. If 'Memories That Never Happened' is somewhat plaintive, following jam 'Problematic Tape Recorder' has the bit between it's teeth from the get-go. The beat crashes and snaps, and when played off shimmering stabs of synth it all adds up to aWip3 outrush that nods to both the old Rephlex Records sound as well as contemporary practitioners like Nightwave. Once again the synth lead is used lightly here, more an augmentation to the beat than the centerpiece - another demonstration of Annie Hall's ability to write with focus even when the overall intent is to move bodies in the club. The energy of 'Problematic Tape Recorder' is spun in an unusual direction on 'Subsequent Experiments', the first track on the B-side of 'Memories That Never Happened'. This cut may be the quickest on the record, but this does not mean it shouts the loudest. Indeed, 'Subsequent Experiments' may be the most ornate production here, full of shadowy sonics and a deconstructed beat running at D&B speed. A kind of shadow realm version of Planet Mu's early drill & bass explorations crossed with UVB-76's darkside post-Metalheadz excursions, this one is an eerie thrill. On 'Unparalleled Comfort', keyboard stabs slide over a rhythm that's at once driving enough for the dancefloor and nuanced enough to allow little half-melodies of synth to flit around above. It's a fitting closer for this EP, almost playing like an amalgamation of the elements which made the rest of 'Memories That Never Happened' so appealing.


Annie Hall - Memories That Never Happened
Annie Hall - Memories That Never Happened

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