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The Odd Future Is Bright: The Discography of Tyler, The Creator

The Odd Future Is Bright: The Discography of Tyler, The Creator

From his Odd Future days to his solo stardom, Tyler, The Creator is the kind of dude who never plays it safe. He's all about the weird, the wild, and the unexpected. His fearless approach to self-expression has cemented why he's the ultimate rap chameleon. Tyler has continuously pushed boundaries and challenged conventions, inspiring many around the globe and snagging GRAMMYs along the way.


Embark on this vinyl journey with us as we explore his wacky and wonderful discography that has inspired many (stars like Billie Eilish!) around the globe. 


1/ 'Goblin' (2011)

Tyler's debut studio album, 'Goblin', dropped like a bomb in the hip-hop world. Known for his dark and controversial lyrics, Tyler didn't pull any punches here. This album stirred up a storm of controversy and fascination, earning both praise and criticism for its raw, unfiltered content. Featuring tracks like "Yonkers," with its iconic music video, the album showcased Tyler's production skills and unique storytelling.


2/ 'Wolf' (2013)

"Wolf" marked Tyler's evolution as an artist. He traded some of the shock value for introspection, creating a more mature and nuanced album. With hits like "Domo23" and "IFHY" featuring Pharrell Williams, Tyler continued to push the boundaries of hip-hop, blending genres and emotions with his unique production style.



3/ 'Cherry Bomb' (2015)

'Cherry Bomb' saw Tyler experimenting with his sound once again, incorporating elements of jazz and funk into his signature style. The album featured standout tracks like "SMUCKERS" featuring Kanye West & Lil Wayne and "FUCKING YOUNG / PERFECT" featuring Toro y Moi, Kali Uchis, Syd & Charlie Wilson, Tyler continued to explore complex themes and emotions while showcasing his growth as a producer.


4/ 'Flower Boy' (2017)

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! It's the album that marked a significant shift in Tyler's career. Embracing a more introspective and vulnerable persona, he explored themes of self-discovery and identity. The album was a mature departure from his previous work, with a more melodic and soulful sound. Tracks like "See You Again" with Kali Uchis and "911 / Mr. Lonely" featuring Steve Lacy and Frank Ocean became instant classics.



5/ 'IGOR' (2019)

'IGOR' was Tyler's magnum opus, a genre-bending masterpiece that defied categorization. The GRAMMY-winning album marked a departure from traditional hip-hop, leaning heavily into R&B and neo-soul influences. With songs like "EARFQUAKE" and "I THINK," Tyler explored themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.



This is his sonic passport to a world of swag and sophistication. It made waves by blending smooth, jazzy vibes with Tyler's signature wit and lyrical prowess. This album had fans dialing in for its coolness, and it even earned another GRAMMY. With standout tracks like "LUMBERJACK" and "WUSYANAME," and appearances by the likes of Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, and Domo Genesis, this record was a hotline to musical greatness that left everyone craving for more.



From the dark and provocative 'Goblin' to the eclectic 'CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST', Tyler, The Creator's discography is a rollercoaster ride of creativity, controversy, and evolution. If you're a fan of his unique style, owning his vinyl records is a must. Each album is a sonic journey that deserves to be experienced in its purest form. So, hop on the Tyler train, and let the music take you to places you never knew existed.


(Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Coachella)