Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy [2LP]

Flower Boy [2LP]

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Immerse yourself in the sonic evolution of Tyler, The Creator with his fourth studio album, "Flower Boy," available on 2LP vinyl. Released in 2017, this album marks a pivotal turn in Tyler's career, presenting a tapestry woven with themes of identity, growth, and acceptance. With contributions from artists like Frank Ocean and Kali Uchis, "Flower Boy" delves into introspective territory with lush, dreamy production that melds jazz and hip-hop elements, showcasing Tyler's maturation both as an artist and a person.

"Flower Boy" is not just an album; it's a journey through Tyler's inner landscape, reflecting on personal and emotional challenges with a vulnerability previously unseen in his earlier works. This vinyl release invites listeners to experience the album's auditory and emotional depth, featuring standout tracks that highlight Tyler's unique blend of musical innovation and complex storytelling. It's a definitive piece for fans and vinyl collectors alike, offering a resonant soundtrack that continues to influence the genre.


Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy [2LP]
Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy [2LP]

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