Yaeji - With A Hammer

With A Hammer

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Yaeji's debut studio album, "With A Hammer," is now available on vinyl, offering a deeply personal and introspective journey from the New York-based singer-songwriter. Created over two years across New York, Seoul, and London, the album emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. "With A Hammer" acts as a diary of self-exploration, delving into complex emotions, particularly Yaeji's exploration of anger. The album marks a departure from her previous work, blending trip-hop and rock influences with her signature house style, and features darker, more introspective lyrical themes in both English and Korean.

For the first time, Yaeji incorporates live instrumentation, showcasing her own guitar skills and a patchwork ensemble of musicians. The album features collaborations with electronic producers K Wata and Enayet, as well as guest vocals from Loraine James and Nourished by Time. This vinyl LP pressing offers fans a unique opportunity to experience Yaeji's innovative sound and personal narrative in a tangible format, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of cutting-edge electronic music.


Yaeji - With A Hammer
Yaeji - With A Hammer

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