Winter - What Kind Of Blue Are You?

What Kind Of Blue Are You?

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What Kind of Blue Are You?, Winter's sophomore release with Bar/None Records, is an emotional excavation of Samira Winter's purest self. It's another stunning work in a canon that's established her as one of Los Angeles' most enduring, consistently-head-turning dream poppers, the melancholy and bittersweet beauty that's been with her throughout Winter's existence now pushed to center stage. Musically, the LP's 10 songs reconnect with the earliest incarnation of Winter, re-emerging as an in-control 1991 songstress incarnate for the modern era. Whereas 2020's Endless Space (Between You and I) was steeped in fairytale surrealism and springlike grace, her latest offering is crystalline and brave, songs streamlined and saturated to their inner blue core, Winter's smoldering shadow self.


Winter - What Kind Of Blue Are You?
Winter - What Kind Of Blue Are You?

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