Wesley Joseph - GLOW - Coke Bottle Clear

GLOW - Coke Bottle Clear

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For polymath artist Wesley Joseph, writing a song is like shooting a film. He sees in terms of scenes and colors, lighting the proper mood, drawing the right emotional arc-far beyond just getting a catchy melody down on tape. Music and filmmaking are Joseph's two great loves. Film came first-he started making DIY videos at age 12 to entertain himself and his friends growing up in a small UK community-but when he moved to London to study it, the energy he discovered in the city demanded to be captured in song, resulting in his 2021 debut ULTRAMARINE, a distinctly cinematic collection of avant-R&B and soulful future-pop shot through with moments of surprising aggression and an intriguingly complex postmillennial aura. Since collaborating with the likes of Jorja Smith and Loyle Carner, he returns with GLOW, eight more songs of love, loss, anxiety, and joy about coming of age at a time of unprecedented change. Showcasing his range across songwriting, performing, and production-not to mention his flawless transitions between singing and rapping, between character studies and raw emotional honesty-it's a stunningly beautiful work that makes it clear Joseph's on the path to becoming a world-changing talent. As on previous projects, Joseph is providing his own visual accompaniments for GLOW, creative directing it's artwork and directing it's first video. "COLD SUMMER" finds Joseph singing from a supervillain's perspective over woozy film-score strings, and the concept bleeds over into it's video accompaniment, a cryptic post-post-Tarantino gangster comedy shot in Kazakhstan. It's usually hyperbole to call an artist as young and new as Joseph "visionary," but it's undeniable that he has a vision, one that transcends old ideas of genre and medium, one that seems to get bigger and richer every time he steps into a studio or behind a camera. GLOW is one of the deepest and most satisfyingly cinematic listening experiences of the year-and Wesley Joseph is just getting started.


Wesley Joseph - GLOW - Coke Bottle Clear
Wesley Joseph - GLOW - Coke Bottle Clear

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