Various Artists - Espacios Vacios 2 (Various Artists)

Espacios Vacios 2 (Various Artists)

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"With music we fill the empty spaces. The empty spaces that missing women leave behind, and the ones that are never filled due to inequality; the empty spaces that the system prevents us from occupying. With music we fill the empty spaces." In ESPACIOS VACÍOS VOL.2 we compile Latin American music projects lead and formed by women who, through their art, take and amplify their space, inviting us to occupy it with them in every song. The compilation consists of 11 songs that, through alt-pop and dream pop diversity, capture the instant when each one of us connected with our power and it's endless possibilities; with the female energy capable of extending itself to any person willing to be pierced by it's impulse. This impulse that calls for us to fill the empty spaces. Spaces for which we will be fighting collectively so they are never emptied again. Spaces that will be a symbol of everything we can achieve. Espacios Vacíos (Empty Spaces) is a compilation created by women to emphasize female talent in the Mexican independent music scene. With styles that oscillate within the indie pop genre, each project contained in the compilation represents a voice accompanied by a strong and unique project. This compilation visibilizes female talent in music and the importance of knowing it and supporting it. This project works toward raising awareness of the disparity lived by women, not just in the music industry but as people in our country. All the net proceeds of this vinyl will be donated to Equis Justicia para las Mujeres, a feminist organization which fights for women's rights in Mexico. Limited to 500 pieces.


Various Artists - Espacios Vacios 2 (Various Artists)
Various Artists - Espacios Vacios 2 (Various Artists)

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