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Phases of a journey beyond space-time references, the six tracks of UZHUR's first eponymous album, summon as many post-apocalyptic visions as there are brains to imagine them - a blackhole where Emptyset, Godflesh, Ben Frost, Khanate and Whitehouse are mixed with a very particular grace, a poetry which takes the time to navigate the extreme and evoke in it's turn moments of cinema. In a stream of total improvisation, everything that emanates from the sessions recorded by this mysterious duo of sound engineers and musicians (who recently produced Oiseaux-Tempête's last opus) feeds an eminently organic matter, which while giving voice to the machines, touches a little more closely what makes us human. Then, amidst the strange vocoder mantras, the hissings and the interferences, through the wire of settings and textures which interlock and startle, you fully let yourself be immersed in their film, and in a certain idea of disaster which extends it's shock wave into the crevices of the spaces we live in. Featuring Mondkopf & Arnaud Rhuth (Le Réveil des Tropiques).


Uzhur - Uzhur

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