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Trench Dogs

Stockholmiana - Yellow

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Trench Dogs are back with the long awaited follow up to their 2018 debut album Year Of The Dog. Their second album Stockholmiana is the result of 4 years dedication and hard work. With an evolved approach to songwriting and a production that perfectly complements the vision of the album, Trench Dogs have once again created a diverse record that spans the spectrum of decadent booze-fueled party bangers, to songs that tackle the darker side of life. Regardless of the songs theme they deliver melodic riffs and hooky sing- along choruses that stick in your head for a long time! Stockholmiana is Trench Dogs at their finest. Energetic boozy rock n' roll, with a clear nod to the 70s Punk and Glam rock, tied together with lyrics that tell stories of love, tragedy, gloom and bliss that encapsulates our strange existence.


Trench Dogs - Stockholmiana - Yellow

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