Together - Together


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From famed tax scam label "Tiger Lily Records", comes another ultra rare soul record - Together - reissued for the first time ever. A shocking pink cover, with a simple black logo painted on top of it. Besides song titles, composers, and the iconic Tiger Lily Records name, no credits appear anywhere on this mysterious record. Yet the sound, reminiscent of the teen soul of the Jackson Five, and Jackson Sisters has garnered high praise - often appearing on grail lists for hardcore crate diggers. After catching the eye of Woodstock founder and major producer Michael Lange in 1975, Together signed a deal with a major record label. That is, until the untimely voice change of the unnamed teenage lead vocalist. The record was shelved at the last minute, and through a series of unknown circumstances, ended up being released by Tiger Lily Records. But take one listen and the album's history will be the last of your concerns! The charming vocal harmonies of the teenage singers, the incredibly danceable band sound - everything you could want is there! From the dance number opener "One Kiss And Then" to sweet soul ballad "Can I Be The Woman", this record is packed full of 70s soul and groove! P-VINE is thrilled to be reissuing Together's self-titled debut for the first time ever, on limited edition vinyl with an obi-strip attached!


Together - Together
Together - Together

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