Thumbscrew - Multicolored Midnight

Multicolored Midnight

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Celebrating ten years of work, the all-star collective jazz and beyond trio Thumbscrew celebrates by adding new instrumental hues to their already well-established sound on Multicolored Midnight, the group's seventh album! The focus that each player brings to Thumbscrew and the dense web of experience they share is part of what makes the ensemble so extraordinary. Thumbscrew's ongoing evolution is powered by a super-charged matrix of relationships, as all of the players also lead critically acclaimed bands built on the trio's thrumming creative synergy. Beyond their work as a trio they're the foundation for Michael Formanek's Ensemble Kolossus, his ridiculously talent-laden large ensemble. Formanek joined Halvorson on Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up's third release, the critically hailed 2015 album After All Is Said. And Mary Halvorson's Thumbscrew bandmates are the foundation of her song-based band Code Girl. For Halvorson, Thumbscrew has become an invaluable creative foundation. "It's one of my favorite rhythm sections to be a part of, the power and energy and everything we create together," she said. "At this point, all of us have used this rhythm section as leaders."


Thumbscrew - Multicolored Midnight
Thumbscrew - Multicolored Midnight

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