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The Saint

In the Battle

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In The Battle would find Saint returning to it's classic metal roots of the 80s in addition to welcoming Josh Kramer back into the fold. Don't expect grungy modern metal from Saint. Expect a lesson in EXACTLY what old-school metal should sound like. When you think of metal, think of Saint. Offering the total package, In the Battle only solidifies Saint as a tremendous force in crunchy, traditional, heavy metal. Often compared to Judas Priest, the muscular guitar riffs and elite vocals also bring to mind Barren Cross, Dio, Bloodgood and Iron Maiden. AngelicWarlord Reviews says: "What else can you say? In The Battle proves an all around solid comeback effort in combining a strong production job with the band's top notch musicianship and songwriting. While "Ryders" is by far the album's strongest track, the hard hitting title track, the catchy "The Choice" and the seven minute long masterpiece "Sacrifice" are equally commendable."


The Saint - In the Battle

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