The Last Ten Seconds of Life - No Name Graves [Gray 2LP]

No Name Graves [Gray 2LP]

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The Last Ten Seconds of Life's latest album, "No Name Graves," released on gray double LP vinyl, marks a pivotal moment in the band's evolution within the deathcore scene. This seventh full-length album, heralded by their 2022 EP, showcases the full potential of the new lineup including Tyler Beam, Andrew Petway, and Dylan Potts. Produced by the renowned duo Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak, known for their work with bands like Rivers of Nihil and Signs of The Swarm, the album features guest vocals from prominent artists such as Ricky Myers of Suffocation and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg, enhancing its depth and appeal.

"No Name Graves" embodies a more experimental approach to songwriting, diverging from The Last Ten Seconds of Life’s earlier works to explore themes of violence and individualism against a backdrop of powerful downtempo and deathcore influences. With standout tracks that blend intense lyrical content with innovative musical compositions, the album resonates with a fresh sense of cohesion and artistic maturity. This release not only solidifies the band's standing in the genre but also signals a new era of creative exploration, making it a significant addition to any vinyl collector's repertoire.


The Last Ten Seconds of Life - No Name Graves [Gray 2LP]
The Last Ten Seconds of Life - No Name Graves [Gray 2LP]

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