Telomante - Codantera


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Jose Guerrero aka Telomante lives in Valencia where he runs the label Mascarpone Discos. A prolific producer, he is running multiple projects such as Sentuhlà on Abstrakce Records or Rastrejo on his own label. Codantera is a contemplative stroll through soundscapes that leave a lot of space for improvisation, where harmonic fields and abrupt experimentations meet on the same level. The sonic warmth and the strength that emanates from it make this album a jewel of minimalist electronic music. "One could find orientation and support in the past of German electronic music, from 1975 to 1985, that is just as timeless, because courageous. Let us remember Cluster, Möebius and Rodelius or Conrad Schnitzler [...] this music speaks of beauty and the idea of a better world." (Detlef Weinrich, Tolouse Low Trax)


Telomante - Codantera
Telomante - Codantera

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