Star Funeral - In The Dark - Silver

In The Dark - Silver

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Star Funeral is the full-band solo project of Nikki Esposito. Stepping into the spot light from behind the bass in Secret Tapes, Esposito adds guitar and lead vocals to her list of duties while drums are handled by Ethan Kreidemaker. Sonically, Star Funeral walks a fine line between pleasant and somber tones- dreamy guitars splash through plodding bass and drums with Esposito's vocals driving them forward through a flurry of aching longing and regret. This is indie rock at it's finest and Star Funeral feel set to be a standard bearer for a long time. "In the Dark" came together in 2020 after urging from close friends and producer Billy Mannino (Bigger Better Sun, Oso Oso). Singer/multi-instrumentalist Nikki Esposito built this solo project from the ground up, performing all instruments alongside Ethan Kreidemaker's studio percussion. It's a lightning bolt of intensity and harrowing growth set to honor and expand upon her primary influences, a flash of self-understanding while re-entering a lightless era. Star Funeral's debut is a potent discovery of new ways to shoulder old wounds, such as the murmurs of body dysmorphia trailing behind double-jaw surgery ("Mouth Bleeder"), the lack of closure in lost friendships ("Outgrow"), and the anxiety of letting others in after these hurdles ("Breather").


Star Funeral - In The Dark - Silver
Star Funeral - In The Dark - Silver

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