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Sound of Ceres - Emerald Sea - Seafoam Green

Emerald Sea - Seafoam Green

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Limited seafoam green colored vinyl LP pressing. Emerald Sea, the third album from New York-based audiovisual project Sound of Ceres, tells the story of how the universe comes to know itself. Rendered in dynamic, ambitious orchestral passages, it forms the basis of future stage performances intended to draw it's half-submerged narrative into the visual sphere. In it's dreamlike impressions, it could also be the soundtrack to a long-forgotten early musical film - an experience that delighted and transported audiences and then vanished from record, surviving only in the imprint of memory. Written in three acts, Emerald Sea follows two deities who trail each other through the furthest reaches of experience. There is the Universe, all that exists, voiced by performance artist Marina Abramovic. And there is Venus, transformer of matter and avatar of love, sung by the group's lead vocalist Karen Hover (who goes by k).


Sound of Ceres - Emerald Sea - Seafoam Green
Sound of Ceres - Emerald Sea - Seafoam Green

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