Sahar Bahar - Disco Gospel

Disco Gospel

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It is a huge honour to present the Disco Gospel 12", curated and edited by Chicago's Marc Davis and Sadar Bahar. Featuring two under-the-radar disco / gospel fusion tracks that have been given a new lease of life courtesy of these masters of their craft. We first came to know Marc through his always on-point Black Pegasus record label, which he's been running since 2006. As a renowned international DJ, record collector, and an integral part of Chicago's underground music scene, we knew anything he sent our way was going to be serious and he didn't disappoint. Joining forces with Sadar Bahar (Soul in the Hole), who is himself a gospel and disco legend and a DJ's DJ favourite across the globe, they dug deep and put us onto two absolute gems from their beloved collections. As DJs who play a wide range of genres, their ability to spot the real heat within any sound has placed them at the top of their game.


Sahar Bahar - Disco Gospel
Sahar Bahar - Disco Gospel

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